Olive Network: The Modular L3

Olive Network is a secure, developer and user friendly Ethereum layer 3 chain designed to be fully EVM compatible and built with native ETH staking and restaking at it's core. Its built using Arbitrum Orbit tech stack for best in class speed & performance (avg. block time ~0.26 secs).

By leveraging Eigen DA for data availability and Arbitrum L2 as settlement layer, Olive is able to reduce its cost by 1000x and able to offer devs gasless transactions, improving end user experience by 1000x.

Olive's mission is to bring the benefits of Ethereum to the masses and make Ethereum's EVM accessible to people coming from different economies around the globe. Offering gasless transactions, fast finality and the security of Ethereum is just a step in that direction.

Key Advantages of Olive Network:

  1. Gasless Transactions

  2. Native staking & restaking yield

  3. Ultra-low block time (~0.26 secs)

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